create,transform, localize, and distribute content

Power Media Productions S.A. is the leading post production and mastering facility in Greece for dubbing, audio & video post production, subtitling and digital cinema. We strive for quality, fast delivery and flexibility and have been working with the biggest names in the business. There is nothing we don't take seriously.


International versioning services for broadcast, theatrical, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Cinema distribution. Including aspect ratio, resolution and framerate conversions, titling, transcription, sound dubbing and professional subtitling. Make content truly local with Power Media Productions.


Master, Localize, Package, Repackage and Distribute according to the DCI specification. DCP mastering and Repackaging with KDM and DKDM encryption in Interop or SMPT ensuring perfect picture quality. From blockbusters to independents Power Media Productions delivers on time and within budget either on CRU Delivery Kits or cost saving small usb hard drives.


Power Media Productions is the leading facility in Greece for DVD & Blu-Ray authoring and pre-Mastering. With a portfolio of over 5000 titles over the past 15 years, we excel in all aspects of the creation from the encoding process to the menu design.


Encoding for broadcast television, VOD or online streaming using high quality encoders to ensure the best possible image and audio quality. Including frame rate conversions as well as upscale and downscale services.


Television Commercial creation and localization. Compositing using Adobe After Effects, Blackmagic Fusion and Apple Motion, modelling and pack-shot animation using Maxon Cinema 4D and finalizing using Blackmagic DaVinci with or without burned subtitles. Our extended range of services from Video compositing to Voice over recording allows for care free TVC in- house productions.


Non-destructive restoration & reconstuction to eliminate dust, flicker & scratches. Stabilisation, warp, print align, drop-out, line-sync, cross colour and colour correction and enhancement to restore, remaster & repurpose.


Tape duplication services and transfers between analog Beta, digital Beta and HDCAM SR tapes.


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35 Paradeisou St | 15125 Marousi | Athens