He was born in Kalamata. He has a degree in Sociology from Panteion University, while he is also a graduate of the Drama School “Themelio” of Nikos Vastardis. He has a long experience in acting and he has since collaborated with lots of theatres and theatre companies in Greece such as Themelio Theatre, Roes Dance Theatre, Elpida Theatre , National Theatre of Greece, Amphitheatre of Spyros A. Evangelatos, Art Theatre, Municipal and Regional Theatre of Agrinio, Acropol Theatre, VICTORIA Theatre, BADMINGTON Theatre, Theatre “a Priori”, the “LYKOFOS” theatre company, the Hellenic Festival, the Eleni Gerasimidou theatre company, the Grigoris Valtinos theatre company, the theatrical organization “Ai-Ores”, the  theatre group “Themelio”, etc. He has also participated in various TV series and movies. Finally, he is a talented voice over artist/director in television and in cinema as well.